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Introducing Logger's E-Time

Tired of scrambling around the state collecting paper time sheets at payroll cut-off?

Caribou's Logger's E-Time is a web-based electronic time sheet system that integrates directly with your Logger's Edge back office software system.

Field workers use a laptop or tablet to enter their time sheets. Supervisors review and approve the time sheets on-line. Upon approval, these time cards are visible and available for correction and processing in Logger's Edge. It's that easy!!!!

Bring your business information to a whole new level of efficiency and accountability with Caribou's Logger's E-Time.

What makes Logger's E-Time such an obvious next step?
  • Skip the paper, and enter time sheets electronically the day the work is done.
  • Eliminate the costs of wasted gas and time spent collecting time cards from remote workers.
  • Eliminate expensive pre-printed time-sheet books.
  • Eliminate data re-handling and free up office staff to perform more valuable tasks.
  • Managers can report upon time sent by tract and by phase as the work is occurring, when they still have time to respond to the information.
  • Logger's E-Time is web based, so field workers can use a laptop, iPad, or other tablet to enter their daily time from their crew trucks or from home. They just need an internet connection and login credentials.

Approver View


Supervisors can log in and see all time sheets for all employees whom they supervise. They can review/edit and approve the time, or send it back to the employee for correction. Once approved, time sheets are visible in Logger’s Edge (and can still be edited in the office if necessary, even after approval).

Configurable Electronic Time Sheets Header

Configurable Time Sheet - Header

Daily time sheets have header information that includes the shift start and end time. The software calculates the hours of the shift, and enforces that the hours on the details section of the user’s time sheet add up to the full shift.

Configurable Electronic Time Sheets Detail

Configurable Time Sheet - Details

Not only can you capture different types of hours, you can also capture, things like Kilometers and Living out allowances.


“We adopted E-Time a little over a year ago with the goal of eliminating our inefficient collection of paper time sheets from our field workers for manual re-entry by office personnel. Our guys now enter their time sheets from camp, from home, or from the job site if they have a wi-fi connection or cell service, and our office personnel can process it through Logger’s Edge with no data re-entry and no mad scrambles to collect all the paper time sheets at the end of each cut-off. We are probably saving about 10 collective hours per pay period now, compared to our old processes.”
~ Gord Chipman, Alkali Resource Management, Ltd.

Isn't it Time to Rethink Your Time Sheet Process?

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