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Release Notes Version 2.4

Item Category Release Note
Worker and Approver Grid Show Block and Equipment if Show-Details On ETime Program Change - The supervisor grid now shows the block and EQ unit if the show details feature is turned on.
Can Void Details from Header ETime Program Change - We can now delete individual details from the header tab by clicking the delete checkbox on a detail row and then clicking Save/New or Save/Exit or editing a detail not marked for deletion (Any action that refreshes the form). We still have to edit the first detail and click void if we want to delete the whole ticket.
Show Date, Time, and Total Hours on Details ETime Program Change - The top of the detail page shows us Time Info: which shows us the Start Time - End Time and a sum of the current detail hours. If in balance with the header this is in black, if out of balance it is red. This helps us remember how many hours still need to be accounted for to be in balance with the header.
Header Start/End Times Can Be Dropdowns ETime Program Change - We can enable a feature so the Start Time and End Time entry fields become drop down selections with 15 minute increments. This is only for an AM/PM world, no 24-hour clock support. We lose to-the-minute accuracy if enabling this.
Assign Different ETime Configurations to Employees ETime Program Change - We can now assign different Time Entry formats to different employees. Ie. we can hide or add entry fields depending on the employee.
Ability to have Two EQ Units Operated by Single Operator ETime Program Change - We have added a way to configure a 2nd Equipment field so each time card detail can have production hours for the Employee & Primary Equipment, these will go into Time Details. But we can then pick a 2nd Equipment Unit and the activity it was performing and enter the hours for that unit. The main employee hours will go into Time Details (or Time Details Contractors if they are a sub contractor) and the hours for the 2nd Equipment will go into Equipment Time Details without an association to the employee. This is useful if an employee starts up an unmanned machine like a chipper and then hops on a unit for processing and so we need to track both machine's hours on one time slip.
Default Activities Load First then Eligible ETime Program Change - Activities for Equipment Units marked as Is Default = True will load first in the list, then those entered as Eligible but NOT default will load next. You can have more than one default activity chosen and they will load at the top.
Restrict Employee Selector to Assigned ETime Users ETime Program Change - The Employee drop down for supervisors will only show employees with entries in the last year. Additionally if they are setup to assign employees to supervisors they will only see employees assigned to them.
Save/New and Save/Add Buttons added to Header/Details ETime Program Change - The Detail entry step has a Save/Add button which will save the current detail and re-fresh the form so you can immediately enter another detail. The Header entry step has a Save/New button which will save the current time slip and re-fresh the form so you can immediately enter another time slip.
Logout and Add New Buttons on Top and Bottom of Page ETime Program Change - All buttons in the time listing grid are now at the top of the page as well as the bottom (Logout, Add New Time Card etc.)
Option to Right-Justify Stubs in Entry Form ETime Program Change - We can define a custom CSS stylesheet in web.config now. There is a default version available that right-aligns the stubs next to the entry fields on the time slips but only for desktops.

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