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Core Canadian Business Reports

Block Production, Profitability & Cost Reports

Block Comprehensive Profit Analysis:
This report shows the revenue, costs and profits for the block on a phase-by-phase basis. The top panel of the report shows revenue. The middle panel of the report shows all costs associated with the block, including hourly and non-hourly labor, hourly and non-hourly equipment costs, loadbased costs (such as those payable to contractors or employees or costs associated with your own log trucks), and any miscellaneous costs associated with the blocks (such as road-building, permits, etc.) The report shows costs per m3 and m3 per hour by phase of operation.

Block Budgeting Report:
This report allows you to monitor your actual productivity and costs per phase against budgets or targets that the mills establish for you. It uses hours from the time sheets, coupled with M3/Hour ratio targets, to estimate the volumes harvested even before the wood reaches the mill.. Once the block is fully harvested, you can see how your actual M3/Hour ratios compared to the mill targets.

Block Deliveries Summary:
This report is great for showing at a glance the total loads, weight, and volume harvested in a given date range on a block by block basis. Similar reports are available showing deliveries by destination.

Equipment Reports

Equipment Operating Costs by Category:
This report shows a summary of costs for each equipment within a given date range. The report summarizes the costs by categories that you define. A detailed version of this report is also available.

Equipment Operating Costs per Hour:
This report shows costs for each equipment unit in a given date range, along with hours entered for that machine from operator time sheets to give owners an idea of the operating costs per hour for each unit.

Equipment Utilization:
This report provides utilization statistics for each piece of equipment on a day-by-day basis. The report calculates the production utilization percentage by taking productive hours worked divided by total hours (excluding maintenance). Total hours includes non-productive time such as down time or time spent walking the machine from one block to another, as well as productive time spent performing actual harvesting activities.

Trucking Reports

Truck Cash FLow Report:
This report shows the earnings of each truck (as if you paid your own trucks like a contract truck), along with the expenses associated with the report (including the labor costs of the driver). The report gives a good picture of the cash flow for each of your company-owned trucks.

Truck Cycle Time Report:
This report shows each delivery on a given block to a particular destination, ordered by date delivered, for each truck. The report calculates the trip time (cycle time) from one delivery to the next for a given truck. These trip times are averaged across all trucks to provide an average for each block/destination combination. If a delivery exceeds the maximum allowable time set up for that block/destination combination, the trip time is excluded from the average calculation (and is flagged as being greater than the maximum allowable time (> Max). The last column shows the revenue earned for a given load (a given trip), divided by the trip time for the load. This example is a summary version of the report, but a detailed load by load version is also available.

Truck Deliveries Report:
This report provides a summary of deliveries for each truck. It is useful for looking at the day-by-day activity of a given truck and is also nice for showing the average wait time (by truck) spent in the mill’s yard.

Truck Overloads Report:
This report itemizes the overweight loads for each truck in a given date range. Users can set up overweight thresholds for each truck, by season.

Truck Statistics Report:
This report is great for allowing a comparison of truck/driver productivity. It shows the total loads by truck/driver combination in a given date range, the loads per distinct hauling date, the average weight, the average weight beneath the maximum legal limit, the revenue per day, and revenue per hour for each truck.

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