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Paying Foresters a Percentage of Stumpage

2019-01-20 00:49:19
If you are a timber dealer or logger in the U.S., you may be doing manual calculations every pay period to pay your forester a percentage of the stumpage rates you paid to the landowner. Or maybe you are doing a manual calculation outside the software to pay a truck driver a percentage of the rate you have set up to calculate the truck earnings for your own company trucks. If so, drop those manual calculations!

As long as you are on a fairly recent version of the Logger's Edge, the Logger's Edge allows you to pay one vendor (or worker) a percentage of the rates you pay another vendor.

In the example here, we show how the rate setup would look for the scenario where a landowner is paid a different stumpage rate per ton for each product,and you want to generate a settlement for your forester each pay to pay her say 3.5% of the landowner's rates. With a single row and a single rate of 3.5%, you can do just that:

When you provide the forester her settlement, you can provide her a settlement that shows the rates on a per ton basis where the software automatically does the math.

Alternatively, you can show the percentage to her, along with the total amount paid to the landowner for that load.

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