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Summary Payroll Reports for Time Sheet Entries

2019-01-26 19:54:59
Many users use The Logger's Edge to track their time sheets as well as their load tickets. Time can be tracked block by block or tract by tract (i.e., job by job) and those entries play "double duty." They feed into job cost and production reporting, and they also streamline the gross payroll calculations. The time tracking feature is widely used up North, and we encourage our Southern users to consider doing it as well if they are paying their guys by the day or by the hour.

When you run the calculators, the software generates pay statements showing detailed time sheet entries and gross pay owing to the employees and contractors. Those are nice for providing to the workers with their pay checks, but there are some little-known and very helpful reports that can be enabled in the Logger's Edge to summarize the data in a way that facilitates aggregate entry into your accounting system each pay period.

We have provided two examples of these reports below. Each shows the days in the pay period across the top of the report, and the workers down the side. The first one rolls the data up to show Straight Time, Overtime, Double Time, and other payments or allowances entered into the system such as living out allowances or truck allowances.

The second one is similar, but goes ones step further to break the data down for each guy based on the blocks (jobs) on which he or she worked in that pay period. This report can be helpful if you need to do further allocations in your accounting system using the pay roll data.

If these reports look interesting to you, give our office a call and ask for reports 410 and 412. The reports do not cost extra, but are not be available by default in your system.

And if you are not yet tracking your time sheets in the software, maybe it's time to ask yourself why?!

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