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Nifty Keyboard Shortcuts for the Logger's Edge

2017-08-03 06:36:19
To those of us computer users who used computers before the mouse was invented, you might enjoy these tricks in the Logger's Edge:

1. When entering load tickets, time sheets or miscellaneous expenses, you can use the ALT+S key to Save the entry you are on, and immediately land on a new load ticket (or time sheet or miscellaneous expense), ready to type.

2. If you are in a cell in one of the grids that allows you to edit in the grid, you can click CTRL+C to copy the contents of that cell, and then highlight one or more contiguous cells that you want to update to equal the value you just copied, and click CTL+V to paste your entries.

If you have trouble making this work, call one of our reindeer at 780-833-9870 x2 (Canada) or 850-532-6206 (US) and we can do a Quick Teamviewer with you to show you!

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