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Using Rate Sheets to Simplify your Revenue Rates in Canada

2018-09-01 17:37:31
Do you ever find yourself going into multiple blocks to update the rates for the exact same rate change, and find yourself making the exact same change because that rate changes over and over again in all your different blocks? A common example for our Canadian users is that a logger may be paid for trucking based on the tonne-hr, and the same tonne-hr rate may be applicable across all blocks, but may vary depending on the truck configuration.  In this example, without a rate sheet, you'd have to set up the same set of tonne-hour rates that vary by configuration across all the blocks in which you are working.  If a rate changes, you have to change it in every single one of those blocks. A rate sheet makes the rate management much simpler.  Imagine setting up your block to say:  look to a rate sheet for my trucking and trucking-fuel adjustment rates. The trucking rate sheet might look something like this: The trucking fuel rate sheet might  look something like this: Now, when the mill changes its rates, you only have to add the new rates and new effective dates in the rate sheet, without having to open up each block.  See how much more efficient that is? If you would like assistance in getting set up with rate sheets, give one of our reindeer a call on our support line. Til next post, Happy rate managing!    

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