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Our customers across Canada and the US have good things to say about their experience with Caribou Software.

Canada NW - Testimonials  

The Logger's Edge has made my life a lot easier, and I'm really glad we made the decision to get it. Preparing contractor pay statements takes less than half the time it used to take us. And I love the look-up capabilities in the system.

Now when someone comes into the office wanting to know the rates or cycle times on a block, it's all right in my system: no more digging through binders! And it's great having our trucker list so readily accessible - even for guys that just haul a couple loads - we have their information right there - again, no more digging through binders.

~ Susanne Luethi, Freya Logging Inc - Prince George, British Columbia

"We are a Heli-falling operation located in Duncan, BC, and we have projects scattered throughout remote areas, most of which are only accessible by float plane or crew boats. Before we adopted E-time, we relied on the supervisors entering time sheets into Excel spreadsheets, that were then shared with the office via Dropbox. Once the time sheets appeared on the office computer, the time sheets would be re-keyed into project spreadsheets to report on total man-days, hours and productivity statistics.

We adopted both Logger's Edge and E-Time in the Winter of 2018, and it has streamlined our processes and gives us much more timely data. Our supervisors enter the crews' time daily on their ipad or their laptop. Because the internet connections are often slow and unreliable, Dropbox would sometimes have trouble sending Excel files which meant that the supervisors would often prefer to wait until the cut-off to get me the data. With E-time, the time sheets transmit much better and the supervisors are much better about getting the time in on a daily basis.

What is a big time saver for me is that I now have mandays, hours and productivity stats by simply selecting what I need. I just log onto E-Time, review and approve the time sheets, and then my time sheets appear in my Logger's Edge system. I do all the reporting I need to do in the Logger's Edge. No more duplicate data entry into all sorts of Excel files, and no more scrambling at the end of every pay cut-off to get the data re-keyed.

Logger's Edge and E-time have been handy business tools for streamlining our processes."

~ Keri McKelvie, Coastal Falling Operations, Ltd. - Duncan, British Columbia

"I wish I would have gotten the Logger’s Edge Software in place 5 or 10 years ago!

We have really gained immensely on time savings with our contractor and employee pay statement creation – at least a couple hours every week. We now spend that time (and more) being more thorough in our stumpage reconciliation with the Ministry, which the Logger’s Edge information helps with.

I also really like the fact that I can see how much my own crews costs are costing me as compared to hiring a contractor, as well as how much the cut-skid-load costs vary from one block to another.

It’s a wonderful tool to see what each activity of our operation is costing per tonne."

~ Shannon Clouthier, Hec Clouthier & Sons Inc. - Pembroke, Ontario

Here is what we appreciate about The Logger's Edge:
  • Ease of use and straight forward setup.
  • Implementation of the system was very straight forward and was accomplished much quicker than we had anticipated.
  • The customer support we receive is terrific; someone is always available for help and/or questions. The on-line team viewer makes this support very beneficial and practical.
  • Now that we are up and running the requirement for support is very minimal, as the program is so user friendly that most staff can deal with issues that arise from time to time.
  • The ease of importing loads from various destinations, as well as the import of Suzie logger data from the loader is probably the best feature of the program, missing information is identified immediately (i.e. Timber mark or rates not set up). This process is virtually fail proof.
  • The ability to query down to a particular load in variable formats (i.e. load #, weight, date etc) is a huge asset and makes for quick changes or corrections where necessary.
  • I enjoy using the program, it has relieved us of a lot struggle and stress of performing our sub-contractors and drivers pay, as well as our ability to track our daily load production.
  • I would highly recommend this program to anyone in the logging industry.
~ Jeannie Radcliffe - Clusko Group - William's Lake, British Columbia

"The biggest thing for us is that they will tailor the program to meet our needs. Right now we are facing a lot of big issues, such as the bugs and the resulting light loads.  They have helped us and our need to deal with that issue.  As well, they understand the diversity within the industry – the Coast is different from the Interior, and the Interior is different from the North."

~ Sue Hagarty - Roga Contracting - Kamloops, British Columbia

"We have been a client since the summer of 2004. Logger's Edge has helped us streamline our information tracking, allowing us to manage our company more efficiently and effectively. Our work environment is always changing and Caribou Software keeps up with those changes. One of my favorite reports is the Fuel Rebate report! This report allows me to input all the information I need to complete the rebate at the time I enter the block information. At the end of the year it's a simple print of the report instead of hours of calculations. Plus, their support staff is second to none. They are friendly and knowledgeable and I haven't had a problem yet that they haven't been able to handle within 24 hours, either by phone or internet.  I often work in the evenings which makes it difficult when I have problems. I had a problem which I needed help with, but was playing phone tag.  One of the ladies, (Jennifer), knew that I often work late and went way out of her way to post an extensive "self help" instruction page. You don't often find support like that and you simply won't find a better program!"

~ Theresa Philips, President, Pitka Logging Ltd - Vanderhoof, British Columbia

"The fuel rebate reporting system is absolutely excellent. In fact, it is such a good system that the Victoria taxation branch actually complimented us on it! We can reconcile statements and it generates a very professional detailed pay statement that I can attach to my stubs. I know the truckers really appreciate this. And the support we have received from Caribou staff has been "stellar"."

~ Janice Himech - John Himech Logging - Houston, British Columbia

"The load import feature saves me so much time, and the software is great for allowing us to track our production by block and even by equipment. But to me, the service is what really makes the program what it is! Your service is fantastic!"

~ Gulbranson Logging Ltd. - Vanderhoof, British Columbia

"I really like the software. Its is fast and easy to use. I can say working with Logger's Edge saved half of my time. I surely recommend the software."

~ Christine - Pineland Contracting - Moonbeam, Ontario

"When we first got started with the Logger's Edge a couple years ago, we just used the very basic load ticket tracking and payment features of the system. This season, we have gotten Caribou to help get us set up with the overweight features, and it, coupled with the ability to import our loads from Canfor, has saved us huge amounts of time relative to our old, manual processes. The software also helps us catch errors way more easily because it provides a natural way for us to complete our checks and balances efficiently. We probably save at least 3-5 hours a week, relative to our old procedures.

We also recently got set up with the Block Budgeting features that allow us to set up the mill targeted rates per hour and productivity targets by phase of operation. We are very excited to be able to track our actual productivity against the mill targets for each block to have a better understanding of our performance."

~ Blue Valley Enterprises - Vanderhoof, British Columbia

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