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Introducing Caribou's Timber Map Software

Are you losing track of your tracts?

If you are a timber dealer or a logger that buys your own stumpage, you've probably laid awake at night trying to keep track of which tracts are going to expire in the next month and whether or not you have harvested them; or which tracts have the particular wood type that you need to meet your mill's demand for all that you can supply in the next two weeks.

With Timber Map, you can rest assured!

Timber Map is a supplemental program that works in conjunction with the Logger's Edge system. It is designed to extend and enhance the tract search capabilities of the Logger's Edge by allowing foresters to have a visual way of seeing their tracts on a map, and quickly reviewing key information about those tracts.

Whether you are looking for all tracts in a given county, all tracts whose expiry date is within the next one to three months, or all tracts whose predominant wood profile is Pine CNS or Hardwood Ply-logs, Timber Map gives you this information at your fingertips to facilitate your harvesting decisions.

Map of Lumber Tracts

You have the ability to pull up a map of all Active tracts in the system and see the harvest status based on the tract balloon color. You can filter them based on things like primary wood type, county, and status.

See what's available to you based on the criteria that are important for a particular search.

Tract Management Software

Timber Map is a separate program that is compatible with the Logger's Edge and would share the tract information with the main Logger's Edge system. This standalone program would be limited to just the mapping capabilities listed above, and the ability to review tract information that had been set up in Logger's Edge.

This separate app works strictly as a Windows-based system and requires users to be connected to the Logger's Edge database.

See what's going on in your world! Status at a glance. Informed decision making. What's not to like?

Call us at 850-532-6206 to schedule a demo or for more information!

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