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A Silent Partner That's Truthful About Business Performance

When it comes to understanding the economics of your business, and helping your administrative staff and management work smarter, a good information management system is one of the most valuable business partners you can have. It’s a business partner that will help you sleep better at night, either knowing that your gut instincts have been validated by what your data tell you, or helping you identify where the problems are that you need to correct.

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“The way the information is linked in the system between time sheets and load tickets lets us easily pull comprehensive job costing information that would otherwise have taken hours to compile, and would have been much more prone to error.”

Each day, the loadermen at Hadaller turn in their load sheets, which itemize out all the loads they loaded that day, complete with the trucker, the mill, and the specie/product information. They enter the loads into The Logger’s Edge on a daily basis, allowing the managers to monitor loads per day to ensure the truckers are getting at least the minimum loads they need to cover their costs. By monitoring this information daily, they can catch problems while they are happening, ask questions to identify the cause of the bottlenecks, and take corrective action immediately.

Each pay period, Hadaller receives an electronic load ticket listing from Weyerhaeuser, which they import into the Logger’s Edge. The software automatically matches up these loads with the loads entered from the loadermen’s sheet, making it easy for the office personnel to spot “missing payments” from the mill so they can ensure they are getting paid for every load they deliver...

In the Woods or in the Office - Where Would You Rather Be?

The software has allowed Bisballe Forest Products to leverage his time much more effectively, freeing him up to spend more time in the woods, which is exactly where he needed to be to grow the business.

Read some of the excerpts here:
For Kurt Bisballe at Bisballe Forest Products in Lake City, Michigan, the choice is obvious: in the woods. He would far rather be overseeing his logging jobs at the job sites and seeing first-hand what is working well and what needs improvement. Preferences aside, the reality is that he brings the most value to his customers and his employees when he is able to spend more time in the woods and with his customers, not stuck behind his desk in the office...

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