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Introducing the Load Master Digital Ticket Tracking System

What is Load Master?

Caribou’s Load Master is an iOS (Apple) app that can work as a stand-alone, in-woods digital ticket entry system or can be integrated seamlessly with Caribou’s back-office “Edge” system.

Loader operators or woods foreman enter ticket information into the iPhone or iPad app through-out the day as loads are being loaded in the woods. If internet connection is available via cellular data or Wi-Fi service, loads are automatically shared with Caribou’s web portal where foresters, land owners, and office personnel can access the data on a real-time basis. Such data visibility allows operations managers to monitor what is occurring at each of the jobs sites, eliminating the need for constant texting and phone calls throughout the day, and streamlining the quota management process.

Who Benefits?

Landowners and Land Managers

  • Enhance timber security and timber certification tracking through GPS Identification, Sequential Ticket Numbering, and Real-Time Visibility.
  • Enhance transparency between the Timber Purchaser and the Timber Owner via timely and professional data sharing on what was delivered, when, and to where.
  • Eliminate head ache and logistics of paper tickets.
  • Quicker ticket reconciliation to validate stumpage payments received.
  • Compare actual harvested volumes to estimated volumes.

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Can your Loadermen use an iPhone or iPad? Then they can use Load Master. It's that simple!

Load Master

Logging Contractors

  • Eliminate illegible and unprofessional hand-written daily log sheets.
  • Reduce wasted time texting and calling loader operators to determine load counts throughout the day.
  • Faster correction of operational issues from incorrect merchandising of timber.
  • No more need to re-key all your tickets from the paper copies.
  • Woods versus mill reconciliation process ensures you are paid in a timely fashion for every load that leaves the woods.
  • No more need for travelling around to every job site each Friday morning to collect paper load tickets for processing payment to your subcontractors and employees.

Electronic Load Ticket Entry

  • Unique auto-assigned Load Numbers and Land-Owner Security Numbers are incremented by one from the prior ticket.
  • Entries for information like Tract, Mill, Product, and Crew have “pick-list” spinner selectors on the left so that data can be entered easily and consistently from one ticket to the next.
  • The entries for Tract, Mill, Product, and Crew are carried over from the prior ticket. These carryovers enhance the speed of entry when consecutive tickets are very similar.
  • The other entries for Truck, Trailer, Driver, Scale Ticket and Weight are reset to blank for each new ticket.
  • Easy to use by loader operators, site foremen, or truckers.

Printed Load Ticket (Optional)

  • Replace hand-scrawled Load Trip Tickets with legible Printed Tickets (using Bluetooth receipt printers) or PDFs that can be read from a smart-phone by the scaler or scanned in.
  • No more handwritten multi-carbon tickets.
  • Labels and layout are configurable.
  • Prints multiple copies.
  • Bar Coding (optional) – Both single and 2-D bar codes are supported.

Load Security and Verification

Real-Time Load Ticket Visibility

Isn't it Time to Rethink Your Load Ticket Process?

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