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Log Scaling with Android Devices

Solving an Old Problem with a Modern Handheld Computer

Are you still relying on Microsoft’s unsupported Windows Mobile handheld devices for your log scaling needs? Or limping along with an awkward Windows 10 Tablet that your scalers find aggravating? If so, you’re not alone. The good news is that we can help!

Caribou has developed the newest in mobile Log Scaling software solutions that blend the best of performance and longevity afforded by the Android operating system with the date entry efficiency of rugged handheld computers that have either physical or touch keyboards.

Whether you are scaling in a log yard or buying logs off a farmer's truck, Caribou's Log Scaling software allows you record log dimensions, calculate volumes, enter deductions and lookup prices and log values.

If you are a small organization and just want a "stand-alone" hand-held scaling device, you can run the system on a stand-alone basis, managing setup lists and pricing directly on the handheld. Alternatively, the handheld can be integrated seamlessly with Caribou's Cutting Edge back office desktop/server system.

Simple and Intuitive

The Log Entry no longer resembles a DOS screen where you have to remember the entries in each column. Instead, the Android Screen is clean, simple, and understandable. The Tab and Function keys allow you to navigate the entry boxes with ease. You can set up quick keys to allow single character data entry. For example, you can set the 'h' key to mean Hemlock, and the 's' key to mean Sawlogs. The Gross volume is calculated from the length and diameter. You can also enter any log defect deductions. This is a modern application for the new digital log yard.

Our software takes advantage your device keyboard to minimize keystrokes. Virtually all entry is performed from the numeric keypad and function keys so your hands never leave the keyboard. The rugged handheld works in the cold or in humidity; it handles mud puddles and coffee spills.

No More Swapping Around of Data Files

The Handheld System can operate independently, but works best in conjunction with Caribou's software. The software allows the office to set up lists of Jobs, Tracts, Lots, Species, Products, Grades, etc. Each morning the scaler downloads the latest lists, ensuring that all data are validated by use of the office lists. There is no longer an option for creative spelling or mis-alignment of data terms. E.g. Pine is always 'P', and not sometimes 'P' or 'PI' or 'LP'.

At the end a shift, the Scaler downloads all the scaled log data over WiFi or Cell to the office database. Log data are sent over the wireless network and loaded directly into the office database for immediate real time use by your Office Staff. There is no swapping of files and no more messing with thumb drives and lost cables.

Just say "No" to manual Scale Tally Sheets and Number #2 pencils!

Tract Map

Electronic Log Tally Sheet

Tract Map

Tract Map

Log Data in the Palm of Your Hand

All your log data are stored on the Handheld in a database. The database allows you to store all your loads and logs in one place and allows for easy recall of past scale slips. Log Tallies can be generated as PDF files and shared via e-mail, Dropbox, etc. using today's sharing technology. The software works on- or off-line allowing the scaler to work remotely and then pass the data to the office when in WiFi or cell range.

Tract Map

Log Rules Handled in Caribou's Scaling App

** A Table for Measuring Logs **
** A Doyle History **
1a. Doyle Log Rule
1b. Doyle Log Rule (Modified, Long Log)
2. International 1/4 Rule (Rounding to 1Ft, 5Ft, 10Ft)
** A Scribner History **
3. West Side Scribner
4. West Side Scribner (Northwest Log Rules Advisory Group)
3. East Side Scribner (Forest Service)
6. East Side Scribner (Northwest Log Rules Advisory Group)
7. East Side Scribner Decimal C (Idaho)
8. Maine Log Rule
9. Alberta Log Rule (Smalian)
10. Ontario Log Rule (Cubic)
11. Ontario Log Rule (BF, formula)
12. New Brunswick Log Rule (Cubic)
13. New Brunswick Log Rule (FBM)
13. Nova Scotia Log Rule
14. Vermont Log Rule
15. Spaulding/Humboldt Log Rule
16. JAS Log Rule
17. JAS Revised Log Rule
18. National Log Scaling Handbook History
19. Scaling References

Replace those old Clunky Systems and get with the Jetsons. What's not to like?

Call us at 850-532-6206 to schedule a demo or for more information!

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