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The Cutting Edge

Log Payment and Procurement Software for Forestry Operations

Feature Highlights:

  • Easy Tract Setup and Reporting
  • Automated Conversions Between Weights and Volumes
  • Professional Landowner and Contractor Pay Statements
  • Reporting on Actual Deliveries Against Cruise Data
  • Integrated Weigh Scale
  • Integrated Log Scaling Solutions
  • Handles Outside Fiber Sales
  • Tracks Raw Material Inventory
  • Tracks Forestry Certification
  • Flexible Contract Rate Structure
  • Easy-to-Use
  • Easy-on-the-Budget

Load Ticket Software

Save Time and Money

Say goodbye to the inefficiency of handling and re-handling the same data repeatedly. Whether entry is done by a weigh scale attendant, a truck driver or an office clerk, that singular point of entry seamlessly cascades into all aspects of your system for cost and revenue calculation, settlement statements, Inventory management, business report. And if there is a mistake, you correct it in one central place. Your data can even be made available to other software systems. Invest more time in analysis and less in tedious data management!

Logging Data Software

Streamlined Data Access

Bid farewell to the hassles of digging through file drawers and boxes, searching for old load tickets, pay statements, or rate information. Whether for internal purposes, supplier communication, or regulatory body commitments, getting your data when and how you need it is a core value of the Cutting Edge system. Effortlessly analyze current and past data with dynamic drag and drop ad-hoc report creation or send and receive formatted reports using a configurable delivery schedule from a user-friendly interface. We also provide data integration with your existing data management and BI reporting systems. Whatever your data access and reporting need, we have you covered!

Logging Reporting Software

Strategic Decision Making

We all recognize the importance of understanding the economics of our business to ensure its longevity. While the specific key performance indicators may be different from one business to the next, the focus invariably centers on productivity and cost. That's precisely the kind of information our software is designed to capture, process and manage seamlessly. Larger organizations and your competitors are closely monitoring these metrics. Now you can do the same with Caribou's software solutions.

Logging Software

Elevate Your Professionalism

Spreadsheets or boiler plate copy and paste settlement statements fall short of projecting professionalism in your business interactions. The Cutting Edge empowers you to produce precise, professional-looking paperwork that you'll be proud to share. Eliminate landowner and supplier inquiries by proactively sending load delivery reports automatically by email or by accessing our online web portal. The people you deal with will appreciate knowing you have a streamlined, efficient software system to help manage your operations.


"Caribou Software has become a vital asset in our daily ooperations, simplifying and mangaging our fibre purchasing process seamlessly. The transition from our in-house system was made effortless with the support team's assistance. Their reliable and responsive customer suport, coupled with customized reporting, has significantly enhanced our efficiency. Caribou Software comes highly recommended for businesses seeking a streamlined and efficient solution for fibre purchasing."

~ Arrow Transportation Systems - Kamloops, British Columbia

It was not just a good decision, but a great decision to implement Caribou Software’s Cutting Edge and Weigh Scale systems. They took their versatile, great systems and custom fit them to our operation and needs. How did they do this? They talked to us and understood us, but more importantly they listened to what we needed and asked. Because of their understanding about the industry and that each business and user is unique, they tailored our reports to meet our needs without disrupting our management tools, payment processes, or cost structures and all within their software design.

Not only are we automated from start to finish, we have real time information that is shared with our forestry managers which helps not only our team but our partners. Our day to day processes and accountability have been cut by at least 80% or more. We were able to free up time in several areas that was spent doing hand work or data entry thus allowing those people to be more productive in their jobs. Streamlining our operations in every station associated with our log delivery operations definitely improved performance and morale.

To describe this software in one word - “seamless”. To describe all of the stand out features that make this software so easy to drive would be difficult. Are we happy with our choice in Caribou Software and what that upgrade did for our company? That answer is extremely.

One of the most notable features about Caribou Software are Teresa and Bob and their team. They are responsive, intelligent, dedicated, courteous and the list goes on. Going through the implementation process they made me feel like I was their most important client. We are a remote, small lumber mill in Western Montana and customer service is an important component with software. We could not be happier with all of the service they have provided. Not only do they get it right the first time, they follow up to make sure they got it right.

~ Pam Pitman, Pyramid Mountain Lumber Inc. - Seeley Lake, Montana

At Thompson River Lumber Co we have been using the Caribou Software Cutting Edge program since 2006. We also utilize the weigh scale portion of the program. The Cutting Edge system has really helped to simplify our log accounting with its intuitive entry and ease of calculation.

The printed Vendor statements are professional and easy to read for our landowners. We have always received great support from Caribou Software any time we have run into an unusual circumstance that we need “exceptions to the rule” to handle logs received, i.e. payments on partnerships and multipayment levels. You simply cannot go wrong with this payment system and I can’t imagine using anything else. We are looking forward to many more years of our partnership.

~Teresa Phillips, Thompson River Lumber - Thompson Falls, Montana

"Making the decision to invest in Caribou's Logger's Edge software was one of the best business decisions we have ever made. I really cannot imagine how we could have grown the business as we have over the years without having our Logger's Edge. I can't imagine trying to handle all our tickets and settlement process and reporting if we were still trying to use our Excel spreadsheets. The software really helps eliminate the room for error that we had with our old spreadsheet system.

We recently added on Caribou's weigh scale module to help us manage our wood yard deliveries and it has helped streamline and automate the process even more. With the truck weights read directly from the weigh scale, it helps eliminate room for error, too.

The investment was a big one for us, but my business partner and I were just commenting the other day that it really was one of the best investments we've made since we've been in business."

~ Sharon Sapp, Sapp's Land & Excavating, Inc. - Chipley, Florida

Why Choose Caribou Software?

  • Our product is developed and supported by people who know the forest industry.
  • We cater to small-to-mid-sized sawmills searching for user-friendly and budget-friendly solutions.
  • Our goal is to make every customer a reference site, so you can be assured that we'll do our best to provide you with the best product and service in the industry.


Would you like a short, informational, online demo to explore your information management challenges? Caribou may just have the solution to meet your needs and budget!

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